Bella 6qt Pressure Cooker Manual

Bella 6qt Pressure Cooker Instruction Manual


When working with electrical appliances, You must take the most basic safety precautions. Here we talk about Bella 6qt Pressure Cooker Manual.

READ ALL INSTRUCTIONS Given in Bella 6qt Pressure Cooker Manual.

  • Don’t touch hot surfaces. Use knobs or handles.
  • To prevent electric shock, don’t place cords, plugs, or any other appliances in water or any other liquids.
  • This appliance is not designed for use by individuals (including children) who have diminished physical, mental, or sensory abilities or inexperience and lack of skills unless they’ve received supervision or instructions on using the device by someone responsible for their safety.
  • Close supervision is required whenever any device is utilized by or around children.
  • Unplug the outlet from the wall whenever not being used. Do this before cleaning. Let cool before taking off or putting on components.
  • Don’t operate such appliance that has damaged plugs, cords, or damaged in any way and after an appliance fails. Please bring it to a trained technician for inspection and repair or mechanical or electrical adjustment.
  • Attachments to accessories not approved by the appliance manufacturer could result in injuries.
  • Do not use outside.
  • Please do not allow the cord to hang over the edge of your counter or table or get it in contact with hot surfaces.
  • Please do not put it in or near a hot gas, electric burner, or oven.
  • Be extremely cautious in moving appliances that contain high temperatures of oil or any other liquids that are hot.


 To protect against damage or electric shock from your Bella 6qt Pressure Cooker, you should not cook your food in your base device. Instead, make sure to cook only using the cooker that is provided.

  • To disconnect, take the plug from the wall outlet using dry hands.
  • Please don’t use the appliance for anything other than that intended for it.
  • Beware of sudden temperature fluctuations, for example, placing refrigerated food items in the cooking pan that is heated.
  • Avoid using cookware or glass lids if they are chipped or broken.



 The Bella 6qt Pressure Cooker produces steam that escapes and creates heat while in use. Therefore, you should take the proper precautions to reduce the risk of burnings, fires, or other injuries to individuals or property damage.

  • Someone who hasn’t fully understood and comprehended the operating and safety guidelines is not competent to operate this appliance.
  •  Anyone using this appliance should be aware of and read this and follow the instructions before working or cleaning the appliance.
  • If the appliance fails, or falls into water, remove this appliance from your outlet as soon as possible.

Do not touch the waters!

  • When using this appliance, make sure you have enough air space between the appliance and its sides to allow adequate air circulation. 
  • Don’t operate the appliance near or near curtains or wall coverings, clothes, dishes, or other materials that can ignite.
  • Ensure that you do not leave the appliance unattended when you use it.
  • If your appliance starts to fail, then immediately disconnect the cord. Don’t attempt or use the appliance to repair a malfunctioning appliance!
  • You must plug the cable to this appliance into 120V AC electrical outlet on the wall.
  • Don’t use this device in an unsteady location.
  • Do not use the cooker with a gas or electric cooktop or in a flame open.
  • Keep your hands and your face away from the valve that releases pressure while releasing the pressure.
  • Take extreme care when removing the lid from the oven after cooking. Make sure to tilt off the cover from your face so that any leftover steam does not get in your face.
  • Never lift the lid when cooking or even before the pressure has decreased. Don’t circumvent this safety measure by making the lid pop shut.
  • Don’t cover or stop the valves.
  • Please don’t touch the pot or lid unless you are using the handle right after you have used it. When the product is being used, only use the handle to touch it. Avoid touching the lid or pot.
  • To prevent burns, let cooling of the dish before tasting. The temperature of food is much higher than when cooking conventionally.
  • Avoid touching hot surfaces. Wear oven gloves and a towel when opening the lid, or handling hot containers, as steam from the burning container will escape.
  • Don’t move the appliance during use.
  • Unplug the plug from the wall socket after the appliance has not been used or before cleaning.
  • Let the appliance utterly cool before beginning any cleaning tasks.
  • Don’t touch the plug, the power cord, or any other appliance component with damp hands.
  • Please don’t place the appliance in the kitchen’s cabinetry when not using it since it creates steam. Be careful not to touch the appliance while it’s working.
  • Don’t use the appliance close to or beneath any combustible materials, e.g., curtains.
  • To open, grab the lid and turn it clockwise until it is in the” unlock” “unlock” position but do not lean against the appliance.
  • Avoid using sharp objects inside the cooking pan as it could cause damage to the coating of the nonstick.
  • Do not use the pressure cooker for cooking deep-frying.
  • Notes on the Plug

    This pressure cooker comes with a grounded 3-prong outlet. Connect the plug to a grounded outlet. Please don’t attempt to alter your plug or modify it in any other way.

    Notes on the Cord

    The power supply cord that is supplied (or detachable power-supply cable) is recommended to minimize the chance of getting caught in or tripping on the longer cord. Don’t use an extension cord in conjunction with this item.

    Plasticizer Warning

    AVOIDANCE: To prevent Plasticizers from being absorbed by the tabletop, or any other furniture pieces, place non-plastic plates or coasters between your appliance and the surface of the counter and tabletop. If you do not take this precaution, it can result in the finish becoming darker and permanent blemishes could develop or stains could be visible.


    Electric Power

    If other appliances are plugging your electrical circuit, your appliance could not function correctly. It must be operated in a separate electrical circuit that is not connected to other appliances.

    Notes on Pressure Release Valve:

    The valve for pressure release is used to regulate the pressure within the pressure cooker during cooking. A small amount of steam can disappear during cooking, which is normal. Be sure the pressure cooker isn’t placed in cabinets that are overhanging or cups-boards while cooking. Be careful not to reach over the valve to release pressure while using. The valve for pressure release should always be on the setting ‘PRESSURE’ when cooking, and once cooking is finished, switch it to release before opening the lid. Be sure to keep your hands and face away from the valve’s opening for pressure release to ensure you don’t get burned or injured. The steam can cause injury.
    Extremely hot and extreme care must be taken whenever steam is released.

    Notes on Safety Locking Lid:

    The lid cannot come off while it is locked in its position. For opening the lid, use the handle to rotate the lid clockwise to the UNLOCK position, then lift off the lid.

    Please make sure the lid is in its locked position throughout cooking. After cooking is completed, switch the valve for pressure release to the PRESSURE RELEASE position. Allow the steam to escape, and rotate the handle counterclockwise to the UNLOCK position. Next, lift the lid from the device. After removing the lid, do so so that water is directed to the side away from you. You can do this by allowing the upper part of the lid facing you to let the steam escape from the user.

    Note: Do not attempt to remove the lid of the pressure cooker if the lid is locked in its position.

    Getting To Know Your Pressure Cooker with Bella 6qt Pressure Cooker Manual

    The product may differ slightly from the image.

    Bella 6qt Pressure Cooker Manual

    Introduction to Pressure Cooking

    Learn the secrets to pressure cooking using this excellent Bella 6qt Pressure Cooker. It will let cook healthier, faster, and more tasty meals with astonishing efficiency and speed. This pressure cooker has 10 cooking options at the push of one button. Cook slowly all day or cook up a quick, tasty dish. This pressure cooker can be the ideal sous-chef. There are no more hard pieces of beef that require long to cook, but succulent and delicious meal with the flavors and nutrients kept inside.

    Before Using for the First Time

    • Take all labels and tags off the product. 
    • Remove the pressure cooker carefully take out all packaging materials to store components and other items. 
    • Please take off the lid by turning the handle counterclockwise until it is in the UNLOCK position and then lifting the lid from the unit.
    • Cleanse the cooking pan and all other kitchen equipment that can contact food when soaked in soapy water using a dishcloth or sponge.  
    • Please avoid using the scouring pad or other rough materials since they could cause damage to the food. 
    • Cleanse the cooking pan and the lid, accessories, and cooking pot thoroughly before drying.
    • Please do not leave the lid wholly submerged in water because it can take an extended time to dry out and drain. 
    • Attach the tray to the appliance, then move it in the proper position (refer to the diagram). 
    • Ensure that the dry cooking pot is placed perfectly flat inside the appliance in the appropriate position with the correct contact. 
    • Don’t lift your cooker with the lid handle. Always make use of the base handles.


    Bella 6qt Pressure Cooker Manual Operating Instructions

    Note: Place the base on a level, dry or heat-resistant surface far enough away towards the edges of your work area.

    Avoid using the appliance on your floor. A small amount of steam can escape from the valve that releases pressure when heating and during the cooking process. It is normal. That is why you shouldn’t use the Pressure Cooker beneath the wall cabinets that hangover.

    Clean and dry the cooking vessel into the cooking chamber. Make sure that it is correctly seated onto the plate for heating.

    Make sure that the gasket is securely put around the aluminum cover and the aluminum cover is secured to the lid of the housing, as is shown.

    Make sure that the gasket is securely put around the aluminum cover and that the aluminum cover is secured to the lid of the housing, as it is shown.

    Gas Kit Aluminum cover
    • Put the food to be cooked in the cooking pan and add water as per the recipe. 
    • Follow the cups marked on your cooking pan. 
    • Do not fill the cooking pot with more than 2/3 of food items. 
    • If you are cooking food that is likely to expand, make sure not to overfill the cooking pot. 
    • You must secure the lid on the device. 
    • It would help to place the lid onto the appliances in the “UNLOCK” position, then move the lid clockwise until it was in its “LOCK” position. 
    • Make sure that the lid fits well, and you’ll hear a click after being placed. 
    • If the lid isn’t properly locked and a function has been selected, the unit will beep and display an error signal “E0,” indicating that You must secure the lid correctly. “Saute” and “Browning” is the sole two function that operates with no lid. 
    • When the lid has been locked, and both ‘Saute’ and the ‘Browning’ function are enabled, and the unit is triggered, it will sound and display an error message “E0,” indicating that You must take the lid off.
    Lock and unlock position
    • When lid is shut, secure your power cable to the bottom of the unit and plug the cord into appropriate 120V outlet in the wall. Utilize the CONTROL PANEL to select the right kind of food and the time you’re cooking.
    • Set the valve for pressure release in the position PRESSURE illustrated.
    Pressure release value
    • The pressure cooker takes some time to get pressure up, and once the pressure is reached, the time will begin counting down. The digital display will display the cooking time. You could manually alter the default cooking time by using the “+” and “-” buttons if you’d like. You can manually adjust the cooking time based on the model chosen.
    • At first, there may be an odor that is a little because of the burning of the manufacturing leftovers.

    It’s completely normal, and it will not impact the food that is being cooked and will go away after a couple of uses. 

    Note: If the gasket is damaged or cracked, do not use it with the pressure cooker. 

    Contact customer service to replace it with a brand new gasket and then assemble it on the aluminum cover as in the picture.

    Delay Time

    • Before you select the cooking mode, select the DELAY TIMER button to create a cooking delay.

    You can set the delay timer until the maximum delay of 2 hours. Then, press on the switch until the desired delay is achieved. It will show the time remaining until the appliance begins cooking at the top of the screen.

    • After the delay is selected, you can use the CONTROL PORTAL to choose the cooking mode.

    (i.e., rice, soup, chicken, etc. ) and select the DELAY TIMER and choose the desired function. The cooking will begin when the time delay is over.

    • Note that after the cooking time has been tallied, You can’t alter the cooking time if a longer or shorter time is required. The cooking process needs to be stopped, and You should adjust the timing to the desired or required time.
    • The “Keep warm/cancel” You can press the button to end cooking during the setting up and cooking.
    • After cooking, the appliance will automatically switch on “Keep Warm” mode. When activated, You can press the “Keep warm/Cancel” button to end the Keep Warm mode.
    • After the pressure cooker has finished the cooking process or when the indicator has been turned off before opening and removing the lid and turning the valve that releases pressure to the PRESSURE RELEASE position, as shown on the lid. Make sure that your hands and face are not in the way of the valve’s opening. Release valve to ensure you don’t get burned or injured. The steam is extremely hot, and you must exercise extreme caution while steam is released.
    • When cooking liquids like soup or porridge, allow the cooker to cool before releasing pressure. 


    • The unit must cool down for at least 5 minutes before releasing pressure when cooking liquid food.
    • Turn off the appliance at the wall socket. Remove your plug and wall outlet.
    • After all, pressure has been released, and there isn’t any steam flowing out of the valve. You can rotate the lid clockwise until it is unlocked.
    • After removing the lid, take it off in that steam is diverted away from you. Suppose you allow the lid’s top to be facing your direction. It will reflect the steam against the surface that is the lid. Make sure you’re positioned on the right side of the unit without putting your face or hands straying over the lid. Make sure you wear an oven glove when lifting the lid in order to reduce the risk of coming into the steam.
    • Make sure to use non-stick tools only to serve the food in the cooker since any utensils with a hard surface made of stainless steel or other similar substances may harm the non-stick surface of the cooking pot’s interior.

    The setting of the pressure cooker

    For your convenience, the pressure cooker is equipped with 10 preset functions that come with standard cooking times. You can select any of these options based on the recipe you’ve chosen. You can alter the default time by hand if you’d like to.

    Bella  Pressure Cooker Touch Buttons

    Each button comes with two options and a matching pair of lights next to it. To change a setting, press the button two times, and the light that corresponds to it will show the chosen location.

    Note: Saute and Browning are the only functions you can operate with no lid. The pressure cooker takes some time to heat until the temperature you want. When the temperature has been reached, it will begin to tick down. When the lid has not been locked and the ‘Saute’ and ‘Browning options are chosen, the cooker will sound a beep and display an error message “E0,” indicating that You must take the lid off.

    For more details see Bella 6qt Pressure Cooker Manual come within box.

    Tips for Pressure Cooking

    To add flavor, sauté or brown the meat before using the pressure cooker. The heart will not turn color when cooking. Browning fattier meats can reduce amounts of fat in them and aid in preserving the color, and give them a rich taste.

    To achieve consistency, cut your meat into pieces that are uniform in dimensions to ensure even cooking, as large amounts of meat require longer time cooking than shorter pieces.

    Because the pressure cooker cooks inside a sealed, closed pot, there is less evaporation and, consequently, much less liquid to cook than cooking in a standard pot.


    Default Cooking Time


    Keep it on (30 minutes.)


    Keep it on (30 minutes.)

    Pressure Cook

    30 minutes (Max 99 minutes.)

    Slow Cook

    4 hour (Max 12 hours.)


    20 min.


    30 min.


    60 min.


    45 min.


    20 min.


    25 min.


    Stay on

    Don’t fill it more than half full with liquid. Never load a pressure cooker more than two-thirds full of food items.

    Bella 6qt Pressure Cooker Manual User Maintenance Instructions

       This appliance does not require any maintenance. However, it is not equipped with user-serviceable components. Could you not attempt to fix it by yourself? A licensed technician for appliance repair needs to handle all servicing that requires disassembly, other than cleaning.

    Cleaning Instructions


    • Check your power cable is disconnected from the socket on your wall and the unit before tackling any cleaning tasks.
    • The appliance needs to be cool before beginning the cleaning process.
    • It is possible to clean the unit base using a soft, damp cloth. Don’t put the base into the water or in any liquid. Do not place the base in running water.
    • Take the cooking pot off the base unit, and wash it in warm water with mild detergent. Then, wash and dry thoroughly before placing it in the appliance.
    • Make use of the water along with a moist sponge to wash the lid of pressure cooker and ensure that all parts of the lid have dried thoroughly before storage or reuse.
    • Cleanse the nonstick cooking pan using warm water and a mild detergent. Use a soft cloth to wash it.

    Please do not make use of any abrasive material for cleaning the vessel, as it can damage the pot’s nonstick surface. Clean the valve for pressure release thoroughly and eliminate any food debris, if there are any. Check that the container is dry before storage or reuse.

    Note: The cooking pot can be cleaned by hand or dishwasher.

    Instructions for storage:

    • Check that all parts are dry and clean before you store them.
    • The pressure cooker should be stored with the cooking pot in the base unit and keep the lid is locked. Keep the assembled unit in a dry, clean place.
    • Don’t keep the pressure cooker in storage in hot or humid temperatures.
    • Please don’t wrap the cord tightly around appliances and keep it loosely wrapped.

    USDA Cooking Guidelines

    Please note: Cook all food to the required internal temperature determined by a food thermometer before removing food from the heat source. To satisfy personal preferences, consumers can choose to cook food at higher temperatures to cook food at higher.