How to Cooke Rice In a StoveTop Pressure Cooker
How to Cooke Rice In a StoveTop Pressure Cooker

How to Cook Rice in a Stovetop Pressure Cooker

     Rice is a staple food all over the globe. It’s also nutritious and delicious. You can prepare rice in many different ways, but it can be challenging to get the right flavor. If you cooked rice in too much liquid will be soft and goopy, and the rice you cooked in too little liquid will become dry and hard. Although rice cookers are great, you likely already have enough kitchen appliances. We’ll show you how to make rice in a stovetop pressure cooker. It is a helpful appliance that you might already have.
You will get great results by learning how to cook rice in the stovetop pressure cooker. Continue reading to learn how you can cook rice in a stovetop Pressure Cooker.

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Which rice should you use?
There are many types of rice available like long-grain, short-grain, brown, wild, jasmine, and basmati. Below is a list of different kinds of rice, along with their characteristics, to help you choose the right one for you.
How much liquid to use and the cooking times

Cooking rice becomes easy once you have the stovetop pressure cooker that you love. Although rice cooking can seem complicated for home cooks, it is easy once you know how much liquid and the time required. These are the mean popular types of rice, and how to make them perfect.

Type of rice (1 cup)          Liquid                Time

Arborio (Risotto)               2 cups             07 minutes
Basmati                       1-1/2 cups            03 minutes
Brown                           1-1/4 cups           18 Minutes
Jasmine (rinsed)               1 cup              01 minutes
Boil                               1-1/2 cups            05 minutes
Sushi                            1-1/2 cups            07 minutes
White long grain         1-1/2 cups            03 minutes
White short grain        1-1/2 cups           08 minutes
Wild                                      3 cups           20 minutes

How to cook rice in a pressure cooker on the stoveTop

       Cooking times can vary depending on which stovetop cooker is being used. Make sure to check the instructions.
You should always read the instructions for your pressure cooker, as these often include recipes for essential foods like rice.
You can adjust the ratio of liquid to rice so that it remains constant.
No matter how much rice is being cooked, cooking time is the same.

Pro Tip:

 When making rice, add 1 tablespoon of white wine vinegar to the water. It will prevent the rice from sticking together. But, don’t worry; it won’t give a taste like vinegar to your rice.

How to make basic white rice in a stovetopssure cooker

This recipe takes only 15 minutes. But, for safety reasons, make sure your pressure cooker doesn’t fill more than halfway.


A cup of Basmati long-grain white Rice (or Basmati)

1 1/2 cups water

1 tablespoon butter or olive oil (optional).


A cup of Basmati long-grain white Rice (or Basmati)

Then add the  water, and any butter or oil to the pressure cooker.

Lock the cooker by closing the lid.

Turn the heat up to high. After the pressure cooker has reached high pressure, turn the heat up to the highest setting. You should set the timer for 3 minutes.

After 3 minutes, release the pressure cooker using the 10-minute natural release.

Natural release means that the cooker is moved off the heat source without the lid being removed. You should set the stove timer for 10 minutes. It will allow the rice to cook using the residual heat from the cooker.

After 10 minutes, take the rice out of the cooker.

Here is Best Stovetop Pressure Cooker for Cooking Rice

A pressure cooker is a device that cooks rice. It should be durable, reliable, simple to use, clean and safe. These are some of the best.

The T-fal Clipso Pressure Cooker P45009 is made from solid stainless steel. The cooker comes with a steamer basket, a stand, and a bonus recipe guide. You can remove the gasket and pressure valve from the dishwasher to make clean-up easy. The safety features include a locking lid that will not open until pressure is released.

   The Presto Pressure Cooker has a solid construction that will last many years. It is made with durable stainless steel materials that are strong and can withstand frequent use. You can be wash it in a dishwasher and is easy to clean by hand, making it ideal for anyone who uses it regularly for cooking.

Are you ready to make rice in your pressure cooker?

Rice can be difficult to cook, but a stovetop pressure cooker makes it quick and straightforward. You may also be interested in the electric pressure cookers, which are very popular. They make great rice and can also be used to cook tough cuts of meat. Enjoy your cooking!