Best Instant Pot Trivet Guide

instant pot trivet
instant pot trivet

       Because you always want to know more, I will inform you all about the Trivet and its function when cooking in the Instant Pot. In this post, I’m only going to speak about trivets. Suppose you’re reading this because you would like to learn the details about steamer baskets. 

 In this Instant Pot Guide, we’re going to demonstrate how to use the Instant Pot trivet, the purpose of a trivet, and give you some suggestions on cooking using the Trivet inside the Instant Pot.

What exactly is Trivet?

A trivet is a rack made of metal with handles and legs (the handles are not required) that can be placed inside the pot’s interior and holds everything up on the water surface.
That is how steam can be created (during the pressurization stage), and food does not get spoiled because you cooked it in steam.
The Trivet can be very helpful when cooking in a pot (like making Creme Brulee or cooking vegetables).

Does Instant Pot Include an insulated trivet?


All of the current Instant Pot models come with a trivet steamer made of stainless steel rack. The official Trivet of Instant Pot comes in different styles. Certain trivets come with handles, and others do not. However, their primary purpose is identical.

How to use Trivet in Instant Pot ?

   I think it’s evident that the Trivet will be the first item in the inside pot. It may even go before the water since you can put it into the pool after placing the Trivet.

It would be best if you first placed the Trivet in the Instant Pot.
Then place a second pot over the Trivet, or place portions of food right on top.

When everything is put in place, close the lid and determine the pressure and time (high or lower) following the recipe. When the cooking has stopped and you removed the cover, you can use the Trivet handles (if you have one) to remove the whole object from the cooker.

What can I cook with Instant Pot trivet?

  Anything that requires steam into a pot remains above the level of water.

That is why you can cook rice and steamed it in the same way by placing it in a non-heat bowl and then placing the bowl on the Trivet. The rice won’t become wet and will have an improved structure boiling it. You can bake bread, and you can make this delicious cheesecake (only four ingredients! ).
Naturally, you could simplify the process by using your Trivet for cooking eggs (no other cooking pot is required) or steam broccoli, potatoes, asparagus, or cauliflower without a basket. The results are excellent.

What is a trivet for in the process of grilling the meat?

  If you seek a protein-rich meal or lunch option, I suggest roasting a chicken. The instant pot does an excellent job cutting down the cooking time and delivering the delicious melt-in-mouth flavor that everyone enjoys.
It ensures that your meat has been cooked in steam and not in water. In this way, you preserved all-natural juices and the spices added to the skin leaving behind their taste. To do this, you need to add broth or water, place the Trivet into it and then add the meat; there is no need for a separate pot.
Tips for quick-cooking Before you place the meat in the pot, rub it with spices.
If you own a trivet that has handles, it’ll be easy to pull the meat out when it’s cooked. Then, put it in a skillet and place it into the oven to heat or on the grill to achieve some crunch (if you do not have an air-frying lid).

What is a trivet for during the process of cooking poultry?

Suppose you cook a whole chicken. The Trivet is the perfect thing to hold the bird in a vertical posture. In this way, the chicken cooks evenly from all sides, and steam flows through it easily.

Suppose you are cooking chicken wings or legs. You could use your Trivet to support the chicken with a metallic. The wire is typically elegant enough to hold even small pieces of food.

Can I use a silicone trivet in my Instant Pot?

The Trivet included is made of metal. If you’re worried it could scratch the pot, or you do not like it, you can purchase the Trivet made of silicone. In actuality, I have evaluated several such trivets, and I thoroughly enjoyed using these (check my reviews below).

Do I have to use this Instant Pot Trivet to steam?

    Yes, as long as it’s sufficient in height to prevent the food from falling into the water. So long as the vegetables or meat doesn’t get caught in the wire, you can put the food directly onto the Trivet. If you’re cooking beans or rice, you should use an additional pot or a heat-resistant bowl.

Benefits of trivet

1. Preserve more nutrients

Steaming with a trivet is one of the most effective cooking techniques to retain vitamin C in vegetables. Researchers discovered that steaming could keep up to 40 percent more vitamin C as compared to boiling.

Because water-soluble vitamins like vitamin C can be absorbed into cooking liquids and cause a loss of nutrients, that’s why we recommended cooking the vegetables in trivets to preserve more nutrients if you’re not taking a drink of the liquid used to cook.

2. Retain more flavor

Placing the meat in a trivet will keep some meat flavors from leaking into plain liquid if the cooking liquid is seasoned or consumed along with some of the meat.

What is it that makes it referred to as Trivet?

The word comes from the Latin “tripes,” which refers to “tripod.” Its primary goal is to shield the surface (like the countertop or table). In essence, it’s a structure that lets heat evaporate. The gadgets used inside an Instant Pot do not always have a three-foot height. However, their purpose is to keep food items and the pots from the water at the pot’s base.

What is the distinction between Instant Pot trivet and Instant Pot rack?

Both are items that fit inside the pot; however, the rack could be made up of three or two layers and is typically higher than the Trivet. Racks are great for cooking multiple layers of food simultaneously (meat on the bottom and vegetables at the top) or if you wish to dehydrate fruit.

Is there a most effective Instant pot trivet?

Now you know the answer to your most urgent question: which is the most effective Trivet?

There are several excellent options available which include the standard one that comes by the IP. But, every person’s preference is unique, and you have to think about the dimensions of the pot, whether you’re looking for handles, the material, and the cost.

I have used a variety of trivets in the past. I have tried to test a variety of trivets so that everyone can pick from a variety. Without further delay, these are my top 5 trivets.

1. Instant Pot Official Wire Roasting Stainless Steel Rack

This Trivet comes with most IP Pressure cookers (the 6 and 8-quart models), made of a metallic (durable 18/8 stainless steel) trivet with a basic design with four legs and two handles. The grid-like design allows pans and bowls, pots and steamer baskets, and other items that work with the pressure cooker. You can also place meat and veggies straight on the Trivet, and all grease or oils will drain right away.
Instant Pot Official Wire Roasting Stainless Steel Rack​
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Review: It’s a basic trivet. However, it is durable and won’t cost any money (available as an accessory). The legs made of metal and handles may scratch the pan’s bottom if you’re not vigilant.

2. Aozita Stackable Egg Steamer Rack Trivet

If you’re cooking for a big family and enjoy hard-boiled eggs, This egg steamer could help, made of food-grade stainless steel. It can hold seven eggs in each layer.

I love this so much because it holds the eggs together (no chance of breaking them accidentally). However, it can also serve as a trivet as well as a steaming rack.

Aozita Stackable Egg Steamer Rack Trivet
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 You can divide this into two trivets: one inside the cooking pot and the other to be used outside (to allow the food to cool down).Both trivets can be washed and used in 5, 6, and 8-quart pressure cookers. But, I would have preferred it if it had a handle.

  I am impressed by the fact that it has two layers that are separated. This product could be used as a trivet, steamer, or even egg support. Of course, you’re free to play around with it and use it however you like. But, the legs made of metal could scratch the inside of the pot if handled carefully.

3. Silicone Trivet For Instant Pot

This Trivet is made of food-grade silicone (BPA-free PVC-free, Phthalate-free, and Lead-free). This Trivet with a unique design is ideal for pots with an inner layer with a non-stick coating. It is easy to scratch off.

The handles are joined in a curly shape and have a button enclosure to seal them around food items and the tray. The bottom is honeycomb shapes that help support the tray or the pot and protects it from water. 

Silicone Trivet For Instant Pot
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Additionally, the side in contact with the pot’s inside has ridges that serve as legs that allow the water and air to flow freely and generate steam.
Finally, you can utilize the honeycomb-shaped on the bottom of the pot to boil eggs. However, you cannot place a pool or any other food items over the top this time.

I love the shape and color and the aspect that it’s made of silicone, which is a comfortable material for any pot (not just IP’s inner pot). I also like that you can use the handles to hold the food from falling out (when you’re cooking large pieces of meat or huge pieces of vegetables).

4. Lakota Round Steamer Rack Stand

It is a trivet that You can use in multiple ways. It can also function as a rack for steam or as a stand (outside of the cooker). You can utilize it with steam baskets to steam vegetables, fish, chicken, support bowls tray, and other kitchenware things.

It’s tough (made out of 4 mm stainless solid steel, food-grade), and the edges are smooth and round to ensure no scratching.

Lakota Round Steamer Rack Stand
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It  is easy to store in a cabinet or drawer and even placed on the walls or hanging from nails.

  This Trivet is an excellent option if you own an IP with stainless steel inside the pot. It’s strong enough to make it an oven stand on the kitchen counter, and it will fit most 6 and 8 Qt pressure cookers.

5. HapWay Steamer Rack Trivet

This Trivet is practical and straightforward for instant Pot pressure cookers that have stainless steel inside pots. It is made of high-end stainless steel food-grade, it has four legs, as well as vertical wiring can be used to accommodate pots, bowls, trays, and large pieces of meat and vegetables.
HapWay Steamer Rack Trivet
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Handles are coated with heat-resistant silicone and could fold up flat to make it easier to store them.
If you’re searching for a budget-friendly but durable trivet for your IP, this is an excellent alternative. It’s simple to use and store. It can not be damaged by high temperatures or heavy usage.

Wrap Up

In my view, it is a must-have item for those who cook food with Instant Pot. IP brand management had the same idea, so this gadget is available as an accessory standard.

If you’re not satisfied with the product that came in the box, plenty of choices are available (as demonstrated by my reviews in the previous paragraphs). You can pick various materials, shapes, and so on, so be sure you read my reviews before deciding which to purchase.