Instant Pot Warranty Information

instant pot warranty
instant pot warranty

  The Instant Pot Warranty is valid for one year from the date of purchase by the consumer. You must document the original purchase date from the authorized representatives from Instant Brands Inc. (“Instant Brands”). Return of the appliance is required to maintain and operate according to the written instructions attached or included with this appliance.

 Instant Brands will, at its sole and absolute discretion.

(i) Repair any defects in the artistry or materials.

 (ii) Substitute the appliances. 

If you replaced the appliance, the Limited Warranty for the replacement appliance expires within 12  months after the date of the original consumer purchase.

This Limited Warranty is only applicable for the initial purchaser and appliance usage within the United States. The Warranty does not extend to appliances that are used outside of the United States.

Any modification or attempt to make to your appliance could cause harm to the operation of your device and cause the cancellation of the Limited Warranty. Limited Warranty does not apply to any appliance or part of it that has been modified or altered except if the Instant Brands Representative explicitly authorized the alterations or modifications.

How long is the warranty on Instant Pot?

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Limitation and Exclusions of Instant Pot Warranty

  The responsibility of Instant Brands in the event of any defective appliance or component shall not any limit the purchase price of a similar replacement appliance.
This Limited Warranty does not cover:
1. Damages resulting from accidents modification, abuse or carelessness, or not use under operating instructions. Commercial usage or assembly and disassembly. That is not done correctly or failure to provide reasonable and needed maintenance and repairs for fire or flood, or other acts of God. Or repairs without the permission of An Instant Brands Representative.
2. Repairs when the appliance is used for different purpose than average use or used in a way that contradicts the instructions for use by the user or operator.
3. Utilize unapproved accessories or repairs to components and systems due to unauthorized repairs or modifications done to this equipment.
The repair or replacement cost in these situations will be your responsibility.

Disclaimer of Implied of Instant Pot Warranty

   Instant brands do not make any warranties, representations,  whether implied or expressed through statute usage, customs, trade, or other means about the equipment or parts. Those are covered by Warranty. But not limited to warranties conditions, warranties, or representations of the quality of artistry, merchantability, the quality of its products, ability to meet a specific need.
Certain states and union territories do not permit exclusion from implied warranties such as fitness or merchantability. Therefore, this restriction may not apply to you. In these provinces and states, you only have the implied warranties, which are legally required to be made according to the applicable law.

Limitation of Remedies; Exclusion of Incidental and Consequential Damage

The sole remedy available in this Limited Warranty will be replacing or repairing your appliance as described. Instant Brands shall not be responsible for any damages. That arises out of connection with the performance or use of the appliance in connection with any loss of economic value such as personal injury, property damage and revenues, or profits and enjoyment the cost of installation, removal, or other consequential, indirect, or consequential losses of any kind.

Warranty Registration

    Please visit to register your new Instant Brands(tm) appliance and validate your Warranty within thirty (30) days of purchase. It is required to provide your store’s name and the date of purchase, the model code (found in the rear of the device), the serial number (located at the lower part of the appliance), and your email address and name. This registration will enable to Instan pot team to stay informed and up on the latest developments in products and recipes and notify you of the possibility of receiving a safety alert. You agree to read and comprehend the usage instructions and any warnings contained in the accompanying directions by registering. 

Warranty Service

    To receive assistance by this Warranty, get in touch with the Customer Service Department by phone at 1-800-828-7280 or via email at [email protected] If we are not able to resolve the issue, and you are asked to take your appliance into our Service Department for quality inspection. Instant Brands is not responsible for the cost of shipping associated with warranty service, other shipping costs that are for the return of the appliance to India, or as specified in this. When you return your appliance, be sure to provide your full name, address addresses, email address, phone number, proof of purchase date, and an explanation of the issue you’re having on the machine.