Mealthy Multipot vs Instant Pot Pressure Cooker (Which is Best )

Mealthy vs Instant pot
Mealthy vs Instant pot

    People wanted to see if there was a difference between the Mealthy Multipot and the Instant Pot for a long time. And it’s easy to see why. The products themselves are pretty similar, and when you have something like that, there will always be a bit of rivalry. Instant Pot has managed to make a name for itself, but other than that, Mealthy Multipot vs Instant Pot is pretty much a head-to-head competition. So we have to see what is better and what to expect.
When you see the user interface, you’ll find that it’s pretty much the same. Mealthy has a poultry button, but the Instant Pot doesn’t have it. Instead, the Instant Pot has a disinfection button. When it comes to the steam button, it’s a very similar thing, and that’s an essential thing to consider in such a situation.
You have 9-in-1 devices for both devices, so you can heat your food, prepare cakes and yogurt, prepare eggs, use it as a steamer, make your own roast, rice cooker, and slow cooker or as a pressure cooker. One thing to note here is that Instant Pot has a soft brushed stainless steel surface and a great, fairly large blue LCD that is easy to read. The user interface is high-tech yet easy to read. While the Mealthy Multipot has raised knobs, the Instant Pot has them almost integrated into the console.


Instant Pot devices are all UL or ULC certified. That means an Under writers Laboratory representative has tested product samples to ensure they retain the value that customers want at all times. Mealthy Multipot is ETL-listed, so it also has the extract transformation load rating from UL. Also, note that both devices have 10 security mechanisms, which is very important when buying a new pressure cooker.

Size and Preferences

The size of the Mealthy Multipot and Instant Pot is only 6 qt. So yeah, these are pretty similar. You can use it to support a family of up to 6 people, which is an excellent idea. You will find that they are very similar in size and build, although the finish is slightly better in the Instant Pot unit. When it comes to presets, the Instant Pot shines. It offers you 13 presets, while the Mealthy Multipot only has 9. Granted, you may not be using all of these presets, so you really need to check this out. Still, it is something that you need to see before you buy it.
Wireless Connection
Mealthy Multipot doesn’t have wireless connectivity, but some Instant Pot models do. Many people want this type of feature because it’s different and unique, and it gives some extraordinary results. Of course, that doesn’t mean it’s easy, but the results can be mind-boggling, and that is the most critical aspect in the end.
When choosing between Mealthy vs Instant Pot units, the most crucial consideration will be performance. Some people value performance a lot; others are less. What you will notice, however, is that the appliances are very similar in terms of cooking speed and reliability. On the other hands the Instant Pot is a bit better in terms of the overall build.
However, when it comes to cooking, you have the cooking progress indicator on the Mealthy Multipot, which is not always seen on Instant Pot devices. Otherwise, you pretty much have a perfect cooking experience on both sides. We never had any of the food half cooked or anything like that. And while the recipes tend to be different on both sides, you have a lot of variety for pretty much the same unit.

Programmable Features

The programmable features went well, and overall we found that they offer a tremendous, high-quality experience that you can always rely on. It gives a sense of worth and professionalism and works the way you’d expect in any situation.
Of course, both devices have a coaster with handles, a rice cup and paddle, a soup spoon, and a stainless steel saucepan. In addition, Mealthy Multipot offers a silicone seal that will come in handy. Instant Pot, on the other hand, offers you an Alexa-guided cooking ability. They also have a website full of recipes. If you don’t know what to cook, they may be able to help you get over it.
When comparing Mealthy Multipot vs Instant Pot, you will find that the prices are pretty much the same. For example, the Mealthy Multipot and Instant Pot Duo sell for around $ 80, but an Instant Pot Duo Plus costs around $ 130.
Which one is better?
Choosing between the Mealthy Multipot and Instant Pot models can be a challenging thing to do. Instant Pot is the more established of the two. It usually has a much better finish and includes better technology as well. But Mealthy Multipot is pretty good too. It wins when it comes to supplying more and better accessories, not to mention some of the quick cook functions are very dynamic and easy to customize to suit your needs. It is the type of product that you want to use.
It’s about choosing what you need most. If you want better technology and are more confident in the established name, the Instant Pot is safe to use. If that doesn’t matter and you generally want more accessories and convenience, the Mealthy Multipot is, of course, great. Regardless of what you choose, you will still get a fantastic deal, either way, so that you will be spending your money wisely.

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